The Detroit Lions have the 6th-biggest home field advantage in the NFL

When you think of home field advantage in the NFL, you automatically think of the Earth-shaking grounds at CenturyLink field in Seattle or the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Though the Detroit Lions have a fanbase more loyal than most, Ford Field doesn’t seem to strike fear in opponents like some of the more iconic[…]

Detroit Lions Football 2017 season preview: Week 1 vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Detroit Lions Football season is just around the corner. The preseason is less than a month away, rookies report in under a week, and before you know it, the regular season will be here. So in an effort to learn more about the Lions’ 2017 opponents, we gathered a bunch of information from our[…]

Detroit Lions Preseason Week 3 Preview: New England Patriots

Up to this point, the Detroit Lions Football have yet to face any true competition. This week will be a better indicator of where they are as a team. Joint practices and walk-through between the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots have been cancelled. It won’t be until Friday, the day of the exhibition matchup, that[…]

With Matthew Stafford’s deal done, what’s next for the Detroit Lions Football?

Matthew Stafford’s monster, record-breaking contract is signed and the biggest task of general manager Bob Quinn’s tenure is complete. Locking up the team’s franchise quarterback until 2022 was a massive priority, and it’s done with a week to go before the regular season. Lions Football Live But paying Stafford $135 million, should he finish out[…]